The Animal Crossing Series Community is a community about the Animal Crossing series. Posting can be transmitted through the Animal Crossing Plaza, a Wii U software title used to join Animal Crossing New Leaf and Miiverse together through a Wii U system. It launched on August 7, 2013 with the launch of the software. Nintendo stated that it will be active through the end of 2014 in and out of game as they will no longer distribute the title and posts and comments will be disabled. Posting and commenting was disabled from Miiverse on December 31, 2014 as planned, however users who still own the software can still post and comment to this community. As Nintendo disabled posting from Miiverse, the community was de-listed from the Special Communities section just like other former Special Communities. But just like The Year of Luigi Community, you can still access it from your Favorite Communities list on your User Page.


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