Bans are the Miiverse Administration's method of stopping continued streaks of violations of the Miiverse Code of Conduct by a particular user. As the name implies, bans restrict the use of Miiverse from a particular NNID, or in more severe cases, restriction of the entire console. As of 6/24/15, when an account gets banned, every account on the system gets a ban too. There are four types of bans on Miiverse.

Types of bans

  • Profile Display Ban: If the profile contained inappropriate content, the account display is restricted and profile comment is replaced with Profile comment hidden by admin. This does not automatically ban the NNID from Miiverse.
  • Temporary Ban: In most cases, an NNID will be banned for a period from three hours to two weeks. These are more likely to occur when a user has had fewer violations on their record. The number of violations to a ban depends on how serious the violations committed by the user are and how many of them have been violated.
  • Permanent Ban: After multiple temporary bans have been given to a particular user, accounts have the possibility of being permanently banned assuming that they have had above a certain threshold (varies on the violation type) of violations committed/posts reported and deleted. This means that the NNID in use is rendered useless from Miiverse from that point on, as there is no way for a permanently banned NNID to become unbanned. This can be worked around with a Sockpuppet.
  • Console Ban: It is possible for an entire console to be restricted from Miiverse. These are only used in severe cases, where users have ignored multiple warnings and have had multiple accounts permanently restricted. Many popular users, such as Travis, DEATH-X, and Alyssa have been console-banned. This is Nintendo's harshest punishment, yet there are still two ways around it. The first way is to buy another Wii U, or to start Miiverse on a 3DS that hasn't been linked to a NNID on a console-banned Wii U. The second way is to get an alternate account from someone else who isn't console banned. Formatting your system memory does not work as console bans are linked to the serial number of the system. Some users have also claimed to avoid this type of ban by blocking their internet connection.