Bernd+ (or just Bernd) is the creator of Bit Boy! ARCADE. He's known for posting reviews of his games. He's also a verified user.


Developing the first game in the series, Bit Boy!! for the Wii, Bernd+ had some experience in developing games. However, when developing his sequel, he made an interesting design choice where he made his own Mii head a main protagonist.


  • Bernd also uses [=)] as a smiley face for, some speculate this smiley to be Kubi.
  • He likes to call side-scrolling games "Jump n' Runs", although typically, Jump n' Run refers to another genre of video games.
  • Bernd became popular on Miiverse because of honest criticism about his game. As a result, Bernd begun blocking and reporting people who criticized it. This caused many users to hate him.
  • 234px-Screenshot 2014-05-15 16.52.17

    A post he blocked comments on