But it's better than the update is a meme created by aidandoyle. The meme was created to mock the Miiverse redesign of July 31, 2015 which everyone disliked at the time.


The Miiverse Redesign was made public on July 31, 2015. The update made some heavy modifications to Miiverse that in most people's eyes were annoying and flawed.

Soon after the redesign, this meme was created to make fun of it.


  • The first post of this meme: "The iPhone 6 may be to big to fit in your pocket, but it's better than the update!"
  • "Jigglypuff may be the worst character in Smash, but he's better than the update!"
  • "The Miiverse Movie may have terrible reviews, but it's better than the update!"