Closedverse was a Miiverse clone created by Arian and PF2M in Python and Django Web Framework. The original goal of Closedverse was the parody Openverse and make it better. The site shut down on 4/4/19 leaving with this message:

9/9/17 - 4/4/19

In memoriam

I'm not going to pretend nothing bad happened on Miiverse clones. A lot of bad things happened on them, the list of which being too long to mention. With that said, it wasn't always this way. Miiverse clones started out as a happy side project to two Miiverse hackers who wanted a place for their friends to post without the restrictions of the Miiverse administration. Eight months later, they had succesfully gained a community of hundreds of users across many countries all willing to become friends with each other. Sure, there was drama, but what else do you expect from a group of teenagers slowly reaching maturity? There was good times and bad times, just like any other social network.

By the end of 2018, Miiverse clones had changed and the community which used to be full of fun art and harmless memes changed. The lenience of administration provided by the two original owners leaving the community left an echo chamber to rise and a set of "gangs" to come up. Before we knew it, everything was about politics, and any transgressions made by users of the community were magnified 10x. Don't get me wrong, pedophilia was a serious issue on Miiverse clones and attention deserved to be brought to it. However, Miiverse clone users took it too far. Witchhunts happened over religion and sexuality because there was nobody there to stop them. Nobody deserves to feel unsafe because they said something dumb online when they were 12... but, that's what happened, and eventually it was decided that all of it needed to end. By the end of April, what we knew as Miiverse clones vanished, save for smaller communities like Uiiverse and Project ULTIMA.

Today, Miiverse clones are little more than a memory. Besides the walled garden that is Banama Club, there aren't really any active clones anymore, and what few there is left are heavily controlled so as to avoid the events of last year. Is that for the best? Maybe, but I do believe Miiverse clones could come back someday. When everyone is more mature and knows what's right and what isn't, and when the dust has settled on all the bad things that happened and the good memories come flowing back, maybe a reunion could happen. Maybe. For now, please respect Closedverse's right to remain shut down and dead. You won't gain anything from joining current-day Miiverse clones; nothing will happen there until somebody changes that. That's just how it is.


  • PF2M begins work on Openverse and he announces it
  • Arian tries to make his own Miiverse clone (Grape)
  • Grape fails due to naive coding and multiple server issues.
  • PF2M releases Openverse and it failed due to an issue that allowed users to log into other accounts and Lane's work exhaustion.
  • Arian scraps everything and makes a parody of Openverse that's open source
  • Closedverse is released
  • Closedverse starts as a nice and relaxed place, usually no fights
  • In 2018, the page starts going downhill because of drama and the arrival of lots of users
  • On Summer 2018, a drama hits the page so critically it ends taking it down for minutes
  • After the launch of the MV clone Indigo, the page's activity starts to get drained by it, leaving it with gaps between posts sometimes as big as Cedar ones
  • Because of a dox to PF2M, Indigo failed, but even like that, the userbase preferred to go to Oasis( than to Closedverse, probably because the userbase always blamed the drama on the page and not actually on the users that caused it instead, and because many people disabled their accounts before leaving to Indigo and never cared to come back
  • On the 4/4/2019, owner got their computer with CV database taken by the police, meaning Closedverse is now gone
  • Closedverse now shows a long writing that shows a small amount of Closedverse history.


  • While Openverse uses a blue happy face as its logo, Closedverse's logo is a blue sad face as of October 10th, 2017. It's logo was previously a red sad face.
  • Closedverse does not have a Wii U interface like Arian's previous Miiverse clone (Grape) did. Instead, it appears and functions exactly like browser Miiverse.
  • Yeahbombing + Yeahbotting will get you banned from Closedverse
  • Normally, for not saying the word Closedverse, people say CV to make it shorter.
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