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Nintendo Network ID(s) RichardCar2
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Also Known As RichardCar
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned Wii U
Favorite Game Genres Racing/Fighting/Adventure

Eggurai was a semi-popular user well-known for putting words like "Sexy" in his posts. He became popular when the Smashers moved to the Legend of Zelda community. He's well known for starting the Smash Army.


Eggurai was originally RichardCar's backup account. He first came to be on August 2nd. Since then, many of his posts has gotten over ten yeahs, mostly due to him using Sakurai's mii, and using the word "Sexy". He was originally a Sakurai parody for Eggs, however, he has developed a funny personality to other users. 

Eggurai's first ban was on October 13th, along with his friend PS4 GAMER$. Eggurai also shares a rivalry with the user Akaito. His second ban was from Skyshaymin's fans. 

On December 23rd, the Admins restricted Eggurai's mii, making him mii-less.

On December 29th, Eggurai announced he was leaving Miiverse, as he had enough of the bans, and the annoyances. He did say that one day he'll return in the future, if the false reporting ceases on the Smashers.


  • He often puts hashtags in his posts, along with sexy.
  • He brags about his Nissan Skyline GT-R according to some of his posts.
  • He also has a cat. (Parody of Sakurai's Cat).