Gΐσ154iuvaier6jg normal face-1-.png
Nintendo Network ID(s) Gee-yolo


Gender Male
Age 17
Country United States
Birthday 05/09
Gaming Experience Intermediate
Systems Owned Wii U

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family

Favorite Game Genres Adventure/RPGMusic

Gΐσ is a fairly popular Miiverse user who typically posts on the YouTube Community. He is popular on the community for his impressive detailed drawings which have garnered the attention of Miiverse Artists. He claims that most of his artwork takes about an hour or two to complete. He is also a big supporter of other Miiverse Artists and is a fan of YouTube and Nintendo as a whole. He has 19,000+ followers on Miiverse and he follows 1,000 users.

As of April 11th, he now owns a Wii U. His alt is Gee-yogurt.