Giga Gamby (Michael Skibski) is a popular YouTuber who created the series "Worst Posts on Miiverse", "A Typical Miiverse Relationship", "How to YouTube", and a few other series.


Gamby Then

Giga Gamby's first YouTube video was "Super Smash Bros Community Simulator". The video gained popularity because of its humor and because not many other videos existed at the time that were like it. The popularity of the video inspired him to create Worst Posts on Miiverse. The series gained a lot of popularity and a lot of memes were created because of it.

Gamby Now

After the last episode of Worst Posts on Miiverse, he begun creating video game reviews. He also started other series as well such as:

  • Trolling on Miiverse
  • How to YouTube
  • A Typical Miiverse Relationship

Alter Egos

  • "Big D" His old Trolling account, which got permanently banned.
  • "Giga Gamby" His YouTube and Miiverse username.
  • "Mega yoshi" his other YouTube channel.
  • "The guy who made the things."


  • He has a wikia account under the name of Moyuuuuuuuuu.
  • He has an OC called. "Moyu".