The Great Miiverse War, (unofficially named), was a period of time on Miiverse between September, 2014 until January, 2015. It started out as a conflict between the Hylians and the Smashers after the latter began posting off-topic content on The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Even more conflict spread through the rest of Miiverse as the two groups began reporting frenzies leading innocent bystanders to form groups with members from the main two to counter one's opponent(s), such as T.A.B., Off-Topic Posters and YouTubers. Numerous fights began time and time again, roping in more and more people and causing banned posts and users alike. Many users tried to take a stand and stop these constant battles, but all of these numerous attempts failed. All except for one. In October 2014, the Super Smash Bros. Series Community was reworked to become the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U Community, causing Smashers to abandon their native homeland and invade The Legend of Zelda Series Community. A couple months after T.A.B failed at a reporting frenzy attempt in November 2014, a small group of users consisting of bystanders and former Smashers who had grown sick of the fighting began to try and stop. Unlike other attempts, this one succeeded. In January 2015, fighting ceased and Smashers and YouTubers returned to their corresponding communities in pity of their loss. Since then peace has arisen within the four groups, and no widespread wars have erupted ever since. During the Great Miiverse War, several users were permabanned and millions of posts were banned with them. This stressful period spanned across a handful of communities, including The Legend of Zelda Series Community, the Volleyball Community, the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, the Wii Fit U Community, and the YouTube Community. As a result of this, on January 20th, 2015, Digit03 formed a group made up of Smashers and YouTubers called #SmashTube, which aimed to stop the conflict between the Smashers and the YouTubers, and to invade the Zelda community. After the Miiverse Prom was over, it was renamed to #TriSmashTube, as it decided to make friends with the Hylians. In February 2015, the group was disbanded to avoid further hate mail from former Smashers and that most traces from the war were gone. It's unknown what happened to the former #TriSmashTube members, but most of them were probably absorbed by the other major groups.