Joey Bacala is a Miiverse user and YouTuber. Joey (also known as Joseph) has appeared in many of Talon's YouTube videos. Joey also makes his own videos similar to Talon's called "Miiverse Cringe" where he would read posts and make fun of them and/or make skits of them.

On Miiverse

Joey started off on Miiverse back in early 2014. He would make drawings and post about games. At the end of summer of 2014, he got banned. A year later, he came back when he got a New 3DS XL for Christmas. but that one got banned too. that was until Talon made him more accounts.

On YouTube

Joey Bacala started on YouTube back in Sep 30, 2011 on his old channel, Joseph Mastropolo. He would make bad rants, vlogs, and was once infamous for calling out the brony community. Later on in Apr. 16, 2015, he made a new account called Joey Bacala where he would make commentary videos. During the commentary days he started watching a YouTuber named Talon Smart. Talon and Joey became friends when they worked together on YouTube.

Miiverse Cringe

Miiverse Cringe is a series inspired by Talon Smart's Miiverse Nonsense series. Originally, it was inspired by ungameful, but as Joey became friends with Talon, he made more similar videos to his. Miiverse Cringe was made on Feb. 6, 2016. There's Only a small cast of characters in the series, mainly because the series is just about reading cringe worthy posts.


  • Joey (Main Protagonist /The host)
  • AppleTalon (Protagonist) AppleTalon is part of Talon's Miiverse Nonsense series but sometimes appears in Miiverse Cringe.
  • The Admin (Antagonist) Always portrayed as some kind of scary, tough serial killer who runs Miiverse in the series.
  • Bigley (Protagonist) AppleTalon's Assistant/Dying Meme.
  • Cosmic Joe (Antagonist) Evil clone of Joey that is made up of dark matter