Le Miiverse Resource (full name Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, often shortened to LMR on Miiverse) is another Miiverse Wikia and the first to come into common knowledge on Miiverse.


LMR Today

Today, LMR is the most well-known Miiverse wiki, having 1,000+ pages (and currently expanding). Due to a large decrease in activity, LMR has lax rules but still permanently bans for vandalism. LMR coexists with Miiversepedia, and both wikis have their own ideas.


  • The most active moderator is MonadoMoron, formerly known as Sakuraichu.
  • It used to have a chat page, but it shut down recently
  • Many popular Miiverse users use LMR such as PF2M, Mr. Left, Sarge, and many more
  • LMR used to compete with Miiversepedia, but both wikis now coexist by themselves.
  • Raids happen often on LMR, most of them are GodMii raids by Talon, temporary alts by Arian Kordi, or trolls from Miiverse.

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