This is a list of messages that appear whenever someone goes onto the Wara Wara Plaza when their Wii U is not connected to the Internet. These messages can be used to help new Wii U users.

Friend List

  • Connect to the Internet, and make friends with other users!
  • Connect to the Internet, and play games with your friends!
  • I wonder if I can make 100 friends...
  • Some games can be played online with your friends!
  • You'll find the friend list on the HOME Menu.
  • You can have up to 100 friends!
  • You can see if your friends are online!

Internet Browser

  • I'm gonna check a walkthrough while I'm playing. ;)
  • If you get online, you can use the Internet browser!
  • See what happens when you press X while you're browsing!
  • Show your favorite websites to your family on the TV screen.
  • Use the TV screen to get the whole family browsing together!
  • You can browse the Web on your Wii U!
  • You can even use the GamePad by itself for this!

Mii Maker

  • Fine-tune features, like eyes and eyebrows--tilt them up or down.
  • Hello!
  • It's so easy to make a Mii! :D
  • Make Mii characters for your family--and your friends too!
  • See what happens when you point at a Mii with a Wii Remote!
  • The Mii characters you make may show up in games.
  • Try making a Mii by taking your photo with the GamePad!
  • Try making a Mii for all of your family members and friends!
  • You can move and resize Mii features, like the eyes or mouth.
  • You can transfer Mii characters made on a Nintendo 3DS!
  • You never know what you'll find until you go online and see!


  • Find out what games everyone's playing!
  • Get online, and share your thoughts on games and more!
  • Get to know people all over the world through games!
  • If you're stuck in a game, maybe someone will have a tip!
  • Other people can comment on posts that you make.
  • Tell everyone about your favorite games!
  • The word "Miiverse" comes from "Mii" plus "universe"!
  • What should I play today?
  • You'll see new messages here every day. Check back often!
  • You can post handwritten messages and drawings here!
  • You can send messages directly to your friends with Miiverse!

Nintendo eShop

  • Check out screenshots, game videos, and more :D
  • Check out what games everyone is recommending!
  • Connect to the Internet, and check out Nintendo eShop!
  • Connect to the Internet to buy downloadable content for games!
  • Go online to buy downloadable games and applications.
  • I wonder what they've got up on Nintendo eShop today...
  • Looking for new games? Head over to Nintendo eShop!
  • Take a look at all the latest games!
  • Use a Nintendo Prepaid Card to add funds in Nintendo eShop.
  • You might find some new games here!

Nintendo Network

  • Compete with your rivals across the globe!
  • Go online with Nintendo Network and play folks from all over! :D
  • Hey there!
  • Once you get connected online, you can use SpotPass too!
  • Play games with your friends by connecting to Nintendo Network!
  • Register and join in the fun on Nintendo Network! :D
  • Sign on to Nintendo Network for more ways to play online!

Nintendo TVii

  • Choose your favorite TV shows and TV stars!
  • Connect to the Internet so you can check out what's on TV!
  • Get recommendations on TV shows!
  • It's so easy to search for all your favorite shows! :)
  • Look up all of the shows starring your favorite actor or actress!
  • Nintendo TVii is available only in select regions.
  • Use the GamePad to look up what's on TV.
  • Viewing the guide is easy with touch controls.
  • You can see eight-day schedules for broadcast and cable TV!

System Settings

  • Connect to the Internet, and try out all the features!
  • Connect to the Internet to receive system updates.
  • If you want the most out of Wii U, connect to the Internet!
  • Use System Settings to set up an Internet connection! :)
  • Welcome to Wii U!

Wii Menu

  • Launch the Wii Menu to play your favorite Wii games!
  • Look for Wii System Transfer on the Wii Menu.
  • Your favorite Wii games, all on Wii U too!

Wii U Chat

  • Connect to the Internet and talk to your friends with Wii U Chat!
  • Go online, and give video calls a try! It's super easy.
  • Use Wii U Chat to make video calls between Wii U consoles!
  • You'll have to connect to the Internet to use Wii U Chat...
  • You can chat face-to-face with faraway friends and family!
  • You can doodle on the GamePad while you're making video calls!