Marioman57 is a user who's known for violating the Miiverse Code of Conduct. His posts usually contain swearing, profanity, and sexually explicit content. He's had a total of 9 accounts, and currently has a console ban.


In some people's eyes, Marioman57 is a good user who took a stance against the admins. In the eyes of other users, he's annoying and causes drama.

Pulling a MM57

Due to his popularity of violating the Miiverse Code of Conduct, Miiverse have associated Miiverse raids with "pulling a MM57". There are even accounts created just to pull a MM57.

Users who have pulled MM57s

  • Lambie PJs
  • Arian Kordi
  • Zeast
  • Eric D.
  • PF2M
  • Public Mii (accounts created by users that anyone can access and raid Miiverse with)
  • Talon / GodMii / GodShii
  • And many, many more.


  • There is a clone of Marioman57 called Luigiman57.
  • There used to be a clone called Luigiman57, he has not been active for a long time.
  • He has his own YouTube channel called "Marioman574". He uploads remixes of video game music.