Welcome to the Miiversepedia Community Corner!!!

Below are notes and guidelines regarding Miiversepedia! Feel free to add any notes and feedback!!! For the more specific guidelines, see Miiversepedia: Community Guidelines


  • No bullying or being hateful towards other users
  • Report unwanted activity to an active administrator
  • Don't share any personal information
  • Keep all edits unbiased
  • Illegal activity is prohibited
  • Inappropriate or offensive language is not allowed
  • Sexually explicit content is not allowed
  • Don't post inappropriate pictures
  • Inappropriate usernames will not be tolerated
  • You must have a Miiverse account to use Miiversepedia
  • Don't make bad-faith edits or spam

COMMUNITY PAGE INFO: Right now we're working on Miiverse community pages! We're starting with the more popular communities and moving down, but feel free to add any others if you wish!

USER PROFILE INFO: In order to make things easier, I have designed a plan for creating user profiles. If you have a Miiverse account, create your own profile first. Then move down to your friends and followers afterwards. After you have created a handful of those profiles, scan through communities and pick out other users of your choice. This method is by no means mandatory, it's just an easier way to create profiles as we go along. If you do not have a Miiverse account, none of these rules apply to you.

OUTSIDE SOURCES RELATED TO THE WIKI We are trying to spread the word of the Wiki by creating accounts for the Wiki in outside social networks. If you'd like to help, please let a bureaucrat know.

  • Independent Site---is/gd.miiversepedia
  • Miiverse---Miiv. Wiki (NNID: OfficialAccount)
  • Facebook---(Currently under discussion)

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES: Thanks for continuing to maintain this wiki, everyone. I've been a bit busy, lately, and I'm glad this place is still alive. --Technickal (talk) 13:34, January 30, 2015 (UTC) Wanted pages