The Meme Run Community is a former community based off of the Wii U game Meme Run. It launched on December 18, 2014 with the corresponding release of Meme Run on the Nintendo eShop. It is notorious for being taken over by Smashers immediately at launch day, retiring The Legend of Zelda Series Community as home base along with the Wii Fit U Community. Aside from the Smashers, lone Off-Topic Posters and people complaining about the game (but have not actually played it) have been posting there as well, leaving little room for those who actually play the game. However, on March 3rd 2015, the community was shut down along with the Meme Run title being pulled from the eShop. The closure was caused due to a copyright claim made by the owner of the "TrollFace" image; which is the game's main protagonist.


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