Dating is an activity where two Miiverse users go on a "date" with each other. While this happens in many Miiverse communities, it happens most frequently in the YouTube Community.

How it Works

In the beginning, a user usually posts a post that asks for a partner. After this, a person (usually of the opposite gender) will come over. Most of the time, multiple people ask to be their partner, and so the user must choose one person to "go out" with (like in Tomodachi Life).

After this, the two will possibly talk to each other in a chat room, become Miiverse friends, and Wii U Chat with each other. However, most relationships don't last long, and die out within a number of days.


Miiverse Dating is often criticized by the Smashers due to its unnatural style, and also the fact that most of the users asking for dates are, in their opinion, too young to be dating. Most of the time, a user will find such a post and troll it. It has become especially infamous on That's on Miiverse.

Miiverse Dating is also against the Miiverse Code of Conduct. If a dating post is reported, it will be deleted by the Miiverse Administration, and the offending user may be banned from using Miiverse.

Due to this, dating posts have mostly died out from the YouTube Community, although there is the occasional date request.