The Miiverse Redesign was a controversial update released for Miiverse on July 29th, 2015. The redesign changed the Miiverse interface, as well as the user experience.

What Was Changed

  • The Screenshot Album was added, allowing users to post up to 100 images to the album.
  • The Play Journal was released, letting users keep track of their game experiences.
  • Most game communities were updated to show the latest Play Journal entries, drawings, and discussions on the front page.
  • The ability to post to your Activity Feed was removed.
  • The ability to post a maximum of 30 posts/comments a day was introduced.
  • The wait time in between multiple posts has been reduced.


While many users supported the redesign, others didn't appreciate it. The Smashers of the Wii Fit U Community could no longer post about topics unrelated to the game, and they had to find another place to post. Some members of the YouTube Community were upset that they could no longer have long chat rooms or Roleplay with other users. This has gone so far that many users are trying to find a way to make Nintendo bring back the original posting format or just revert back the old version altogether. None of these attempts have caught on with the rest of Miiverse.



An example of a community that was affected by the redesign.

Screenshot album

Screenshot Album

Communities Not Affected by the Redesign