6gamdxuj3amj normal face-1-
Nintendo Network ID(s) ImMoodic, NotAAlt
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned Wii U
Favorite Game Genres Shooter, Simulation

Moodic is a fairly popular Miiverse user with about 450 followers combined on both Miiverse accounts. He is fairly popular through the Wii Fit community and is qualified as a Smasher on the community. He mostly posts catchphrases and Nintendo references and attempts to entertain people.


Moodic has dark, short hair with red glasses and orange clothing. He has thick dark eyebrows and round eyes. He also has a curly mouth to show his humorous side.


Normally posts memes, Moodic has a sense of humor. He uses memes and references to show his humorous side of his personality. Other than that, he can get moody and depressed throughout bad occasions. He is really friendly with his friends and like to be talked to at troubling times.


  • He likes the Youtuber Jerma985
  • He found out his greatest inspiration died, currently unknown.
  • His brother is currently in the ER room,
  • His first shiny was a Relicath.
  • He likes upgraded weapons