The NES Remix Series Community is based on the games in the NES Remix series. It launched with NES Remix as the NES Remix Community on December 18, 2013. It was renamed the NES Remix Series Community when NES Remix 2 was released in April 2014, which offered posting to the same community. Akin to the YouTube Community, it started out as a Wii U community but was listed as a Wii U/3DS community when the game was ported to the 3DS, in this case, Ultimate NES Remix  in November 2014. NES Remix is the second game to be compatible with Stamps, where in this instance, you earn a stamp each time you receive a certain amount of "bits" from the game's individual stages. NES Remix 2 and Ultimate NES Remix follow the same procedure as their predecessor. It is one of Chris M. 3's favorite communities.


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