New Miiverse is an upcoming Miiverse clone that'll be created by Talon. Its goal is to recreate what Nintendo left when Miiverse discontinued and build upon it making a true successor to Miiverse.

Planned Features

  • Miiverse's Basic Components (Posting, yeahing, commenting)
  • Additional features (image / gif posting, built-in drawing, friend requests, messages)
  • All 3 Miiverse interfaces.
  • Support for Wii U and 3DS.
  • Many communities to explore.
  • A moderation system never-before-seen in any social network. Being made to make bans fair.
  • Many extra features which haven't been announced yet.


  • New Miiverse was originally called "Open Source Miiverse" until a name change was suggested.
  • It'll be programmed from scratch in Python.
  • There used to be another Miiverse clone called New Miiverse which was created around the time of the Miiverse redesign.