Technickal1 Mii
Nintendo Network ID(s) technickal1
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country United States
Birthday 06/30
Gaming Experience Intermediate
Systems Owned Wii U

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family

Favorite Game Genres RPG/Simulation/Action

BulbasaurRB Mii

His Bulbasaur alt's Mii.

Nicholas "Nick" is a regular user on Miiverse on various communities, but his main community is the Wii Fit U Community and (formerly) the YouTube Community, The Legend of Zelda Series Community and the EarthBound Community. He is also the creator of Miiversepedia, this wiki. He is a Hylian and a Smasher and unlike many users, demonstrates no resentment toward the Miiverse administrators. After getting fed up with the stubbornness of the Smashers not to move to a new community he then left the Zelda community and lived a brief life of solitude in the Volleyball Community. He went to the Meme Run Community only to find that most of the posts were many people complaining about the game, so he went inactive for a short time. Then he received word that the Smashers went to the Wii Fit U Community and resided there with them.

On December 29, 2014 he got his first ban for unknown reasons. He later got banned again at the beginning of February. He then used a sockpuppet based off of the Pokémon Bulbasaur. He later officially left the Smashers on February 16, 2015 due to a combination of their constant harassment of Digit03 and the on-topic posters in the Wii Fit U Community and their decline in quality and humor in his opinion. He then moved to the YouTube Community, and sometime before February 22, 2014 he got unbanned. He unofficially rejoined the Smashers on March 1, 2014 after he found the quality went up again.


  • He is the last Smasher to move to the Wii Fit U Community.