2tckzaubkt6b6 normal face
Nostadamus's Mii.
Nintendo Network ID(s) Jurgen878, Marvin545
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Also Known As Caravaggio
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Beginner
Systems Owned Wii U
Favorite Game Genres -----

Nostadamus, also known as Caravaggio, was a Miiverse user who was notable for posting snippets of Wikipedia articles, as well as dictionary entries. As far as Miiverse users go, Nostadamus had somewhat of a cult following, and some suggest that his/her posts were inspired by the Twitter account @horse_ebooks. Nostadamus' original account, Jurgen878, has since been deleted, and his/her alternate account, Marvin545, has likely been permanently banned.


  • Nostadamus's Mii name is based off of the name of the French alleged prophet, Michel de Nostredame (better known as Nostradamus.) It is likely the name was shortened due to the ten-character cap on Mii names.