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Nintendo Network ID(s) Penless2, Penless, Penless3
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country United States
Birthday Private
Systems Owned Wii U, System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Favorite Game Genres Action/Adventure/RPG

Penless is a pixel artist who creates drawings mostly on Kirby Comics. As the name suggests, he creates his drawings without a stylus. He also creates Pixel Paint drawings from which he recreated using his chalk drawings as references. In memory of his late pet "Smores", he made a drawing of Bowser Junior to symbolize his ferret's personality. His Art Academy drawings mostly feature Disney cartoons. He held polls for a series he created called "Build a Robot Master".

Brief hiatus

He took a 2 month break from drawing due to the constant requests for Kirby Comics, complaints about the Miiverse Administration, and personal problems. So instead of addressing it, he felt it was best to leave without hurting anyone's feelings.

Miiverse Drawings

(examples here)

Pixel Paint Drawings

(examples here)

Art Academy Drawings

(examples here)