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Pixel Paint is a drawing app developed by Two Kernel Connection. Released in 10/30/14. Right now it is only available in the US, but they are planning on releasing it to other countries as well. With Pixel Paint, you can create pixel drawings in color.


  • Y Button: Undo. (limited to 5)
  • A Button: Redo. (limited to 5)
  • Replace: Switches a color on canvas with a color that has been selected.
  • Fill: Completely covers an entire area on canvas, in an enclosed space.
  • Save: Gives you to the option to save your work. You are allowed to save up to 111 drawings.
  • Eyedropper: While holding the L Button, it'll allow you to select a color that was already on canvas.
  • Zoom: While holding the ZL Button, use the Left Control Stick; move up to zoom in, move down to zoom out.
  • Cut: Use it to move pixel(s) to another area on the canvas. It'll leave a color from it's original spot depending on what color you selected in the swatch menu.(limited selection)
  • Copy: Makes a copy of the amount of pixels that are selected.(limited selection)
  • Delete: In the Load option, click the red 'X' next to the filename.

Canvas Sizes

  • Extra Small 28 x 16
  • Small 64 x 36
  • Medium 128x 72
  • Large 240 x 135
  • Extra Large 480 x 270
  • Gigantic 960 x 540 Note: Some calibrations are delayed.

Update Discussion

Aury Glenz, the developer of Pixel Paint, is currently working on a couple of updates for the app. These include: Left-Handed Controls, grid alignment for larger canvases, export drawings to SD card, and better color selection. If you feel that he needs to work on more, let him know on his post and he'll include it to his list: