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A Wii U posting screen

On just about any social media platform, a post is a digital medium that shows content created by a user. Posts usually contain text, images, and videos.

On Miiverse

Since Miiverse is a social platform, it contains a feature for posting. In Miiverse, you can create posts containing text, monochrome bitmap drawings, images, YouTube videos, and links.


Although it hasn't been estimated, it's most likely that text posts are the most popular form of posts on Miiverse. In a text post, you can type, well, text! You can also include Unicode in posts which can lead to some neat posts. Some users even exploit the use of Unicode to post long lines of glitch text in communities. Currently, this hasn't been patched.

Monochrome Bitmap Drawings (MBD)

Ever since its release, Miiverse has had a feature where you can create your own drawings as monochrome bitmaps. These bitmaps have the resolution of 320 x 120.


YouTube videos



  • There used to be a glitch on Miiverse where you can make the yeah button say "olv.portal.miitoo". That's because that's the yeah button's function in the Miiverse API.
  • By accessing Wii U and 3DS Miiverse using Arian's Hacks and using a set of scripts posted by PF2M, you can make posts that wouldn't normally be permitted on Miiverse. This is more of an exploit than a glitch, since

A post is a digital medium that can show content created by a user. All user-made content on the Internet is generated through posts, so Miiverse naturally follows this rule too. In Miiverse, you can type up message posts with a touch screen, (if a console or smartphone) and a keyboard, (if a PC). You can also create handwritten posts with three-size pens, but you need a console in order to do so. In late 2013 and onward, Stamps were introduced in select games. These allowed you to stick pre-drawn images into handwritten posts if you accessed Miiverse from those games.