Public Miis are Miiverse accounts that share their passwords with other Miiverse users so they can access them in offdevice (PC) Miiverse so they can vandalize without their own systems getting affected. They can be created by anybody, but most Public Mii creators have a hacked system in the 3DS family and know how to perform the SecureInfo_a exploit.

Due to bans not being a problem to its users, almost all of the posts contain spam, violate, or sexual content. This content usually results in the accounts receiving 2 week bans, permanent bans, NNID blocks, micro hyperbans, and in some cases even account deletion.

Variations of Public Mii

Public Mii 3.0: Public Mii accounts created by Zeast. Zeast no longer makes Public Mii accounts.

Public God: A golden version of Public Mii that uses Arian's hacks to let people post custom images to post. Was originally invented by Talon, but anyone can make one due to the simplicity of the hacks it uses.

Public Xmas / Xmas Mii .etc: Public Mii accounts that appear around Christmas time. Their miis are usually made to look like a cross between Santa and Public Mii


  • When used posts come out very often, and it is hard to get to post before the account is banned or the post limit is reached.
  • The inventor of Public Mii is PF2M