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Nintendo Network ID(s) RichardLambo4
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Also Known As Eggurai
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned Wii U
Favorite Game Genres Racing, Fighting, Adventure

RichardCar's favorite post

His favorite post

RichardCar is a user on Miiverse with 100+ followers. He first joined miiverse on March 27th, 2014. He has other accounts, most notably IvoEggman, Eggurai (which is deactivated) and BECK. 


RichardCar first joined on March 27th, 2014. His first post was that he got his wii u. Later on, he become a devoted Smasher and sometime a troll. He became more active during the E3 days, until he started a flame war with the PlayStation Nation. Little did Richard know that he has gotten reported by SAKURA-SAN. After that, he didn't really bother to care about the PS fans, and decided to do his typical posts.

On July 22th, 2014 he received his first ban from the admins. He returned on August 5th. While he didn't participate in any major activities, he did help people out in times of alarming. 

On January 6th, 2015 RichardCar reached 100 followers. He made a post thanking his followers. Along with that, he now does, Miiverse Thought of the Days, a daily remainder on Miiverse and Nintendo news.


  • He has 100+ Followers
  • He does Miiverse Thought of the Day.
  • He likes to sometimes game on PlayStation consoles.
  • He likes cars of course.