RP example

An example of an RP in the YouTube community

A roleplay (often shortened to RP) is a type of post on Miiverse. They are most commonly found in the YouTube and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Communities.

How it Works

All RPs have a theme. The theme can be anything, from romance to Five Night's at Freddy's. Usually, RP players have their own "bio" called an original character, or OC, which includes their real or fictional name, their personality, their powers, etc. Once enough players join, the RP begins. One player comments something that their character does. After this, another character can respond to that action. Then, another player can respond to that. And so on and so on.


While most users love taking part in RPs, a majority of the Smashers like to troll them (bar some exceptions like Akaito). They often take part in the RP using words such as "Shrek", "Bigley", "trololololol", and many others. Some users will be less strict and calmly ask them to stop or leave, while others will block the trolls after just one comment.