Rosaline is a well-known Miiverse user in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, The Legend of Zelda Series Community, and Volleyball Community.

Xx Rosaline xX Mii
Nintendo Network ID(s) Xx_Rosaline_xX

Dinonadood Chimpanese RosalineNumber2 RosalineNumber3

Gender Male (real life)

Female (Mii)

Age 13
Also Known As Rosalime


Country Unknown
Birthday Private
Systems Owned Wii U; System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Favorite Game Genres -----

He is one of the most famous Yeah Bombers. He's a male user with a female Mii.

He's also a Console Banned Wii U owner, and he loves Game Grumps. One time he got caught swearing in order to get banned and people compared him to Marioman57.

"JonTron is bae" ~ Rosaline

Rosaline was also the user who initially told the Smashers to move to the Wii Fit U community, because of the war that was going on between th Smashers and the Hylians at the time.


His drawing