"ShadowZPA is Everywhere!"

Who is ShadowZPA?

ShadowZPA was a Popular Miiverse user back in 2016, until it ended. He is one of Talon's Friends. Known as a Voice Actor and A Film Maker.

What happened to ShadowZPA in Closedverse? Is he dead?

The reason he's not on there anymore is because he has stuff to do. He has a life. But he might come back, depending on his Project.

Will ShadowZPA be a Member of PF2M's Group?

Depending on how much time he has.

When will he be back?

Anytime he wants. But it's nothing related to "Not Wanting, or Never Wish."

What Project is he Working on?

The Smash Region. It's a Super Smash Bros. 4 Machinima featuring him as the Protagonist.

I miss him

He misses you too.

Is there any way to Contact him?

He is on YouTube. Talk to him there.

ShadowZPA is a Confident Person who wouldn't give up on those who count on him! He's not a Typical Miiverse/Closedverse User.

NOTE: The one thing he hates more than anything in the world, is Ganondorf.

He's a Creative Video Editor. He's an Actor dreaming to be a Popular Voice Actor, Animator.

He is a Guy that's willing to Help Anyone in this world. ShadowZPA joined since 2015.