HAA 0004
Nintendo Network ID(s) SortableShelf19
Gender Male
Age 19
Country Canada
Birthday 06/17
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned Wii U; System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Favorite Game Genres Action/Adventure/Fighting

Sortable19 (NNID: SortableShelf19) is a user who’s been on [[1]] since December 25th, 2012, making him one of the oldest users on there, but not as old as the first users on the Wii U’s release. His first post was in the Nintendo Land Community. He’s a huge Nintendo fan. He can also draw, but he doesn’t do it often because he doesn’t like drawing on a touch screen. He didn’t like the Super Smash Bros. Series Community due to the Nintendo haters and the elitists.

He was formerly a fan of the Smashers. He doesn’t like them nearly as much as he used to and stated that he enjoyed them way more back when they were in the Wii Fit U Community. As of December 26th, 2015, he officially left the New Super Luigi U Community and posts in the Florida Club Community.

You can view his profile here.


  • He was originally a Wii U-only owner. He didn't get a 3DS until June 17th, 2015. The only 3DS model he owns is the red New 3DS XL.
  • So far, he has never been banned, nor has he gotten any of his posts deleted. He has, however, gotten comments deleted.
  • While the Florida Club Community is the community he mainly posts in, he sometimes posts in the YouTube Community. He posts drawings there most of the time, but occasionally he'll posts regular posts.
  • He considers Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, The Wonderful 101, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart: Double Dash his favorite games of all time.
  • The GameCube is his favorite Nintendo console of all time, the Wii U is his second favorite, and the Wii is his least favorite.
  • He made a least favorite users list, but it's on Le Miiverse Resource instead of Miiverse due to admins.
  • He's a huge Sonic fan, but he despises Sonic Boom (TV show, game, pretty much anything that's related to it).
  • He has a sister named EmilyDance.
  • He's yeah’d over 50,000 posts.
  • His most popular post received 258 Yeahs.
  • He's never used the winky expression once.
  • 2015 was his least favorite year of the decade.
  • The first post he's ever yeahed on Miiverse is here (and the second post he's ever yeahed is here)
  • He has strong opinions over the New Super Luigi U Community. He even got into a debate with a ton of users from there because of a post he made.