Talon (Talon Malachi Smart) is a semi-famous person on Miiverse, YouTube, and Google+. He's known for posting regularly to Google+, creating YouTube videos about Miiverse, bypassing bans in Amino Apps, trolling Miiverse using tools created by Miiverse hackers, and working on Neoflash (an open Internet tech organization).

History (First Person)

Note: Almost all of this is from memory. Take it with a grain of salt. I'll be sure to update this when I find + remember more information.

Me Before Me

It all began when I got a Wii U Deluxe Edition during Christmas of 2012. It came with Nintendo Land (which I wasn't a big fan of but I still played the heck out of it). You see, there's a feature in Nintendo Land that allows people to post to the Nintendo Land Miiverse community while in the plaza. Thanks to that, I discovered Miiverse (although I probably would've found out about it later on by simply clicking the Miiverse icon on the Wii U home menu).

Back then, I was just a skrub who posted in the Nintendo Land community. I believe my first post was just a crappy drawing that said "Wii U", but I can't find it because that account got banned to the point of impossible recovery.

Talon's First Post

I just threw this together in MS-Paint, but this is about what my first post looked like.

When I Became a Miiverse Ranter

After about a month or so, something happened that changed my life forever. You see, the Miiverse administration was very unpredictable back in 2012 - 2013. You never know when they're gonna strike and when they do strike, they usually strike for no reason while causing a lot of frustration.

You see, the admins deleted a ton of my drawings for no reason. They were just Nintendo Land drawings that contained no inappropriate content. A couple hours afterwards, I got a 2 week ban. This 2 week ban gave me a fantastic idea. Back in those days, the Angry Video Game Nerd was nearly the king of YouTube. Of course, I knew who AVGN was too. I loved how he would rant about small things in the most exaggerated way. To get back at Nintendo, I decided to create a Miiverse account that did the same thing AVGN did. However, I would only rant about Nintendo. NESTalon57 (my NNID) was born.

Your typical post in The Year of Luigi community.

It started off wonky. The 3 popular communities at the time were the Year of Luigi community, the old Super Smash Bros community, and the YouTube community. Since many Miiverse users despised the YouTube community (because it was cringy for the same reasons it is today) and I didn't know about the Smash community at the time, I posted in the Year of Luigi community. I eventually did find out about the Super Smash Bros community and I eventually kept posting there. Some of my posts contained minor swearing in them which eventually did cause a couple bans.
IMG 20160821 174646

A rant I made back in 2015

I continued this ranting for a while, and I met a ton of other users along the way. BonkinHead, Nick, Eric, *****, Facts YAY!, and WiiUSucks are just a few of them. I wouldn't say I was "friends" with these users (except for Nick and maybe Eric), but I did follow + read their pages a lot and they always followed me back + yeahed my posts. I received my first perma-ban back in mid 2013. Back then, perma-bans didn't affect the entire system, only one account. I couldn't access NESTalon57 anymore. So I created a new account... NESTalon75 (which also ended up with a perma-ban). However, in mid-2014, things changed...

Nick and I Part Ways

In mid-2014, I ended up with a 2 week ban on an account with the NNID NESTalon57-75 because of trolling. During the ban, I created an alt called "SegaTalon" where I'd rant about Sega instead of Nintendo (just to change things a bit). It soon became off-topic because it was the only account I was using and eventually, it got banned. After my NESTalon57-75 account got unbanned and the SegaTalon account got banned, I went to yeah Nick's posts and a couple hours later I was told to unyeah all of the posts. I did and since then Nick and I never really talked to each other.

A Random Turning Point


Le colorful new icon

After the whole thing with Nick, we were both well-known Miiverse users. However, for me that was about to come to a halt. October 2014 was the month when Super Smash Bros 4 was released. After its release, the Super Smash Bros. Series community got a colorful new icon, and it got renamed. However, due to the flood of on-topic posts from people who played the game, all of the memers left and went to the Legend of Zelda community and then the Wii Fit U community later on.


A typical post in the YouTube community. Man, that icon makes me feel old.

However, I didn't know where they went, so I went to the YouTube community because it was the only other popular community I knew about. After some ranting & trolling, the admins gave me a console ban on my Wii U. I couldn't use Miiverse until the end of November when my sister gave me her 3DS.

I begun posting in the YouTube community again under the NNID 3dsTalon75-57. In March 2015, I went to check if ***** (a popular troll who commented "fake" on everybody's posts and kept coming back after bans) was still alive. He wasn't, but on one of his unbanned accounts I found a comment that said that everyone moved to the YouTube community. So I went there and sure enough, there was a whole bunch of people I remembered from the Super Smash Bros. Series community.

While that was going on, in February of 2015 I announced that I was creating a Miiverse YouTube channel similar to Giga Gamby. I released my first video Miiverse Trollin' done by Talon on February 10, 2015. The video received many dislikes due to it being godawful and unfunny, but my videos became better after I started using Vegas Pro 13.

Throughout the year, Talon began making more alts named "AppleTalon, SonyTalon, Talon-san, LinuxTalon, and XboxTalon". These accounts became moderately popular. Also, 3dsTalon75-57 got perma-banned and right afterwards, Nintendo announced that 2-week-bans will affect all accounts on the system. I made a new account called 3dsTalon99-99 and was very careful with it. Other than some minor trolling, I didn't dare mess with this account because it was my only portal into Miiverse.

Nintendo is VERY Gullible

I was still mad about the console ban I got on my Wii U. So in mid-2015, I was thinking about how to remove the console ban on my Wii U. I was messing about on Craigslist seeing if there was a way I could trade something else for a new one. I was also looking into Miiverse hacking, but that was very difficult back then. Then I had a genius idea. I could call Nintendo and trick them into unbanning the Wii U. I tried it and after some debating going on at Nintendo headquarters (or something like that), they unbanned the system!

However, they said that they would monitor the system a lot more than usual. So I made a fake account on it under the name "Alexander Lee" (not related to anything. Just some name I came up with in my head). I made a couple standard posts and waited a few months so Nintendo would hopefully just forget about the system. I used my 3dsTalon99-99 account on my 3DS carefully until March 2016 when I dared use my Wii U again.

Another Golden Age + BanTalon's Popularity

In March 2016, 3dsTalon99-99 ended up in banland like all of my other accounts. I got annoyed, so I created an account called BanTalon (to mock the admins). The account started off with my usual Nintendo rants. A few days later and an account on Miiverse called "Yeahbot" which would go around yeahing Miiverse posts constantly. It yeahed so many posts that I could go to its user profile, read its yeah count, refresh the page, and it would yeah at least 10 more posts no matter what time I looked at it. I was curious. "Who the heck sits around all day long and constantly yeahs posts on Miiverse"? Turns out, it wasn't a human. Rather, it was a script created by le dank memer PF2M that could yeah posts rapidly. I discovered this after looking around on LMR and eventually, I found the script PF2M was using. So I fired up some old Windows XP computer I found in my closet, installed Lubuntu (a lightweight Linux distro) to it, installed Google Chrome, set up the yeahbot, and left it closed running all day.

It worked, and it worked well. However, instead of positive feedback from users, I got hate. The hate wasn't because of my yeahbot though. It was about my rants about Nintendo. Not everyone agreed with them, so I decided to start posting puns + jokes instead of rants. That also worked! My popularity skyrocketed and it got to the point where 100+ yeahs each posts I made became a norm. I kept getting 2 week bans for using the yeahbot, until finally in May 20, 2016, my account was perma-banned.


The admins always seemed to hate me, but I could never confirm it. They would always ban me for no reason, but they did the same for everyone else. But after BanTalon, it was clear that the admins were getting sick of me. They console-banned my Wii U for hosting the BanTalon account and at the exact same time they tracked down 3dsTalon99-99 and sent that account along with my entire 3DS to console-banland. Around that time, the SecureInfo_a exploit (a trick where you can use 3DS Hacks to change your device's serial number + wipe your NNID saved information to bypass console bans) was getting popular. However, I couldn't use it at the time due to no hacks existing that could bypass bans.

At this point, the admins have had enough of my yeahbombing and trolling, so they console-banned my Wii U and 3DS. Using the SecureInfo_a exploit wasn't an option because there was no way I could hack my 3DS on its current firmware. So that was the end of my use of Miiverse... for a while...

SecureInfo_a Rampage

It was the beginning of September and I had a plan to return to Miiverse that worked flawlessly! I had some money laying around, so I used it to get a 2DS on a low firmware. Then I hacked it using RXTools (a very obsolete 3DS hacking method that I only used because I didn't wanna risk a brick) and before I knew it I was back on Miiverse!
RxTools logo

RXTools Logo

On September 11, 2016 (date was intentional), I returned and I created a normal account. Afterwards, I remade an old troll account of mine called "Mr. Troll" which I used to comment "..." on everybody's posts until I got report-bombed and banned (back in the good ol' days when a perma-ban didn't ban your entire console). This time though, things were gonna be a lot more destructive. I used the account to pull a MM57 and raid until I got banned.

After its inevitable ban, I made a new account the next day named "X1". Edgy name aside, the account was the exact same as Mr. Troll. I used it to raid and swear until the admins got fed up with it and sent it to perma-banland. I saw my possibilities as endless, so it was time to take things to the next level.

The creation of GodMii

After X1 got banned, I begun creating tons of bootleg Public Mii accounts. Seriously, idk how many I made in total, but it was a lot. There were about 3 of them a day! While this was going on, I created another account called "X2" that was less immature than X1, at first. After some run-of-the-mill posts, I made a post saying that banned users from the past would be returning to Miiverse.

Immediately afterwards, I created a list of all of the old Miiverse users I could remember that were no longer active and I made impostor accounts of them ready for raiding. The next day, I blasted some Slayer music (not really) and I raided Miiverse with all of the accounts until they all got banned. After they got banned, I used the X2 account to raid Miiverse and it got banned almost instantly.

HAA 0007

A picture of GodMii from Wii U Mii Maker

However, there was one thing wrong with all of this raiding. None of it had a recognizable name. I mean, nobody could go "Hey look, ____ is raiding Miiverse again!" because all of the accounts I was raiding with were different. So I had to come up with a way to make it more recognizable. GodMii was born.



GodMii's First Post

I rushed to 3DS Mii Maker to create a mii and immediately couldn't think of anything. So I took the default mii and s̶l̶a̶p̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶f̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶i̶t̶ gave it a gold palette, and called it GodMii! It was time for MM57 chaos, but with GodMii!

Unlike my other Miiverse raiding accounts, I wanted GodMii to be as vulgar, rude, and immature as humanly possible. I mean, yeah, my other raiding accounts were all of those things. But I wanted GodMii to be those things but in a much worse way. On September 15, 2016, the first ever GodMii account was created, and it was time for some fun on Miiverse.

GodMii VS The Crapmins + Creation of The Scrolling YeahBot and GodShii

The first GodMii account was a good one. There was swearing and spamming all across the New Super Luigi U community. Furthermore, Miiverse users who were currently using Miiverse were talking about what GodMii was doing and a couple even joined in on the raid. Surprisingly, the first GodMii account didn't get perma-banned. It only got a 2 week ban.

Va8a632xwzep normal face

GodShii's Old Mii

After the first GodMii account got banned, I created more afterwards. There was a couple GodMii accounts made every day! But one was unique from all of the other GodMii accounts. It was a female version of GodMii that looked like an anime mii, but looked very different from the one used today. But other than a female mii, the account wasn't all that different from GodMii.

It was the closing days of September and the admins have had enough of the GodMii + GodShii accounts and decided to send me a present on my 2DS. But this wasn't your nice gift you'd get during the holidays. Instead, this was a hyperban! I knew about hyperbans beforehand due to reports of them on LMR and GBATemp, but I didn't worry about them much because I heard they were uncommon. I wasn't worried about it since I had a warranty on my 2DS. So I went back to GameStop and returned my 2DS and I was back on Miiverse!

Arian's Hacks Miiverse, again | FinalTalon | Development of MiiCreate

Sometime in October 2016 was when the infamous Arian Kordi discovered how to access Wii U and 3DS Miiverse from a PC. Arian was able to accomplish this be decrypting ACT (The "NNID Settings" system app for 3DS systems), changing the password of the SSL certificate, and installing it to his computer. He also was able to retrieve other SSL certs that were used for accessing Miiverse and for accessing other Nintendo services from a computer.

Using scripts, he was able to do some cool things with Miiverse such as post his own images, drawings, and YouTube videos! He even had the ability to bypass hyperbans for a while (Nintendo eventually patched it but now he can bypass them using another method). From what I saw, he created a test account and made a post to Miiverse that said something along the lines of "Maybe I'll get more yeahs if I post a video". After I saw this, I had to figure out how he did this so I asked him about it on his YouTube channel. He responded with a vague but reasonable explanation on what how he was able to accomplish what he did on Miiverse.

After asking Arian about it, I planned a service that would allow people who didn't have access to this to request Miiverse accounts. I named it MiiCreate and made an announcement about it on Google+.

MiiCreate functions by giving a link for people to request accounts to an email address in Tutanota. Tutanota is an end-to-end encrypted email service, so only I had access to the account information that was sent to me. MiiCreate (version miicreate1-public1) was released on November 30, 2016. A day after its release, I created my final-but-not-really-final account on Miiverse with the NNID "FinalTalon". FinalTalon was used the same as the BanTalon account was used and it was banned at 9:00AM on December 2, 2016.


After GodMii, I figured I would create another edgy Miiverse alt. It was called "CleverMii" and it worked by taking responses from Cleverbot using a Mouse Recording software and pasting them into Miiverse. It was pretty much a prehistoric version of the Markov script created by PF2M. The alt posted some weird stuff and surprisingly it wasn't banned.

Memepocalypse Drama | Creation of Eclipse

December 5, 2016 begun as a normal day for me. I woke up, went to school until 2:30PM, came home, went to check Miiverse, and OOOOOOOHHH my gosh something was going on. While I was in school, PF2M discovered some API commands for modifying Miiverse communities and decided to test them out. His testing led to the NSLUC getting shut down for a while and a whole bunch of communities getting messed with.

But other than the entire NSLUC getting shut down, the changes seemed to be casual. I think I remember some community icons getting changed but that was it. Then Arian got out of school and things got a lot more hectic. Now, way more communities got the 1337 Miiverse hacker treatment. I remember a whole bunch of community icons and descriptions being different, I remember the Miiverse Announcements being postable + being renamed to "Banland", and I remember the European NSLUC getting a reversed icon and everyone moved there.

HAA 0027

The Original Eclipse Mii

In the middle of this tornado of a hack, I was making a whole bunch of posts on my FinalTalon account about stuff involving what was going on and I ended up with a ban. Also because of LMR and word of mouth (or text), I assumed most of the raiding going on was because of PF2M (which it wasn't. In fact, most of it was Arian) I went into 3DS Mii Maker and created a super-sayian version of my Mii and named it "Eclipse" (which was my Neoflash member name which I came up with because of the IDE software with the same name), turned my CleverMii account into Eclipse, and posted rants about Arian and PF2M.

Another thing that made me believe PF2M was responsible for most of the stuff done to Miiverse was when he used an account named "Zeast" to post to Miiverse. I didn't know much about Zeast at the time, so I assumed PF2M hacked his account. Finally, PF2M responded to my hate by posting a comment on one of my posts asking to check my YouTube PMs. I checked them and after some question-asking he explained everything.

After Memepocalypse (but before PF2M explained what was going on), I commented on Zeast's YouTube channel asking him if he wanted me to make him an alt. He responded with a "yes" and I was about to make him one but I ended up not making him one for a couple reasons. First reason was that the Zeast account PF2M was using was one he made for Zeast, not one Zeast made himself. The second reason is that Zeast could make alts himself using the SecureInfo_a exploit.

But then why would Zeast ask PF2M for an alt? Well, idk the whole story to that. You would first assume Zeast was hyperbanned which made sense for a while until Zeast raided Miiverse with links to a Miiverse discord a bit later. In the end, I was confused, and I still am. Idk why Zeast begged other people for alts when he could just make his own, I don't know why he advertised some random discord that wasn't even made by him, and I don't know much about who did what during Memepocalypse.

Miiverse Hackers Return

After Memepocalypse occured, I asked Arian for the SSL certificate for accessing Wii U + 3DS Miiverse on a non-Nintendo device. Arian responded with the file in a YouTube PM and left the rest for me to figure out. In return, I helped him get back on Miiverse by dumping a device certificate from my Wii (not Wii U) and giving it to him. After installing the SSL and going to some links, I was sent to an eCommerce message and a "Forbidden" message at the link to Wii U Miiverse. Needless to say, I was very confused.

The Final Eclipse Account

On December 26, 2016, I created my 2nd final-but-not-really-final Eclipse account. I stated that after 15 posts were made on the account, I would abandon the account and leave Miiverse entirely. Of course, I was joking. I was planning on making a surprise comeback when I figured out how to use the stuff Arian gave me. Finally, the 15th post was made, and I abandoned the account like I said. The account got a 2 week ban about a day later. :/

The Surprise Comeback (GodMii is back!)

January 16, 2017 was the day when I returned to Miiverse yet again! But this time, a lot more destructively. I couldn't figure out how to use what Arian gave me. But he did release a full tutorial on the Miiverse hacking for everyone on his website so I just followed that.

It all begun with a test account that looked like Tom (the guy who posts in the Miiverse announcements). I used this account to test out the hacks Arian released so when I did a raid with a Talon account, I'd know what I was doing beforehand. After I figured out some basic stuff, I made a GodShii account on January 17, 2017 named "GodShii Z" that raided custom images and videos. The stuff I posted included memes, hentai, and popular YouTube videos.

The next day, I created a GodMii account and with the help of another user, I found out how to post in announcement communities! I used this to manually spam the New Super Mario Bros U announcements making over 100+ posts in it. I ended up with 90 admin reports and a NNID deletion (when instead of a ban, the admins just give up on sending you reports so they just delete the entire account)

Installing arm9loaderhax | Release of MiiCreate | Returning to Miiverse

On January 19, 2017, I discovered a new method of installing arm9loaderhax on a 3DS and 2DS on the latest firmware update (SoundHax). I wasn't a fan of a9lh because it required downgrading SysNAND which was extremely risky. However, I tested it on my old 3DS which was console banned and I didn't use anymore. It worked, so I also a9lh'd my 2DS. Now I had two systems to use for raiding Miiverse!

Since I had two systems, I finally made MiiCreate public and used my sister's 3DS to create MiiCreate accounts and used my 2DS to create my own accounts. Afterwards, I also got help from Andrew P. with posting custom drawings and custom images. In return, I helped him with posting custom videos. It was time for me to make a comeback like none other.

I created an account called GodTalon. The mii was gold (similar to GodMii) and I used to account for experimenting with the stuff I learned. I posted a bunch videos, posted the entire Bee Movie script, spammed the New Super Luigi U announcements, and ran a yeahbot. I got over 100 admin notifications and eventually ended up with an NNID deletion. After that account, I made another, and another, and another...

The more accounts I created, the more the admins hated me. A few days in and it got to the point when every account I would create ended up with an instant hyperban (especially at night for some reason).

The Miiverse Spam War

During February 13, 2017, more drama was ready to happen on Miiverse. I don't want to explain the whole story, but it involved Eric and Zeast getting a hold of a Miiverse script that can automatically make posts to Miiverse. Of course, if there was little-to-no timeout on this script, it could cause some serious damage to the NSLUC (and other communities if you get their ID).

One day, Wood Man created a bootleg PF2M account and begun spamming Miiverse with it. I noticed the spam and got fooled thinking it actually was PF2M, but it turned out that it was, well, Wood Man. I decided to join in on the spam which resulted in a whole bunch of Miiverse communities getting flooded with spam posts. About a half-hour later, Zeast also decided to join in and even more spam was getting posted.

About another 30 minutes flew by, and Nintendo decided to take action. All of the users spamming got perma-banned. After the spam, I decided to continue raiding Miiverse but not as destructively. I posted a whole bunch of stuff including memes, YouTube videos, and NSFW images. It finally ended in a continuous spam of "F*** THE ADMINS"

The 2-in-1 Hyperban

At midnight on February 13, 2017, I received a hyperban on both my 3DS and 2DS. I couldn't create any more accounts, people who requested accounts using MiiCreate could not get them. Currently, I've been working on getting around this by figuring out how to bypass hyperbans entirely.

To be continued...

On Miiverse

Talon has been on Miiverse since December of 2012. He made it through The Year of Luigi Community, the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, The Legend of Zelda Series Community, the YouTube Community, the Wii Fit U Community, and now the New Super Luigi U Community. He used to post rants and complaints mainly about Nintendo, but he's also made accounts for ranting about other companies such as AppleTalon, SonyTalon, SegaTalon, and LinuxTalon.


  • Talon
  • SegaTalon (Made after his main was banned)
  • AppleTalon
  • SonyTalon
  • Talon-san (For ranting about anime)
  • LinuxTalon
  • XboxTalon (For ranting about Microsoft)
  • ToeiTalon (For ranting about Dragon Ball / Z / GT / Super)
  • BanTalon (An account he made that got insanely popular)
  • Eclipse (His final Miiverse account, using his Neoflash username)

Main Account NNIDs

  • NESTalon57
  • NESTalon75
  • WiiUTalon57-75
  • WiiUTalon75-57
  • 3dsTalon57-75
  • 3dsTalon75-57
  • 3dsTalon99-99
  • BanTalon99-99
  • 2dsTalonX1
  • 2dsTalonX2
  • 2dsTalonX3
  • 2dsTalonX4
  • 2dsTalonX5
  • 2dsTalonX6
  • 2dsTalonX7
  • 2dsTalonX9
  • 2dsTalonX10
  • 2dsTalonX11
  • BanTalonX1
  • 2dsTalonX12
  • FinalTalon
  • CleverMii1
  • SuperTalonX1
  • SuperTalonX2
  • SuperTalonX3


BanTalon is an account made by Talon that was made because his 3DS was banned. However, this account became really popular. The main reason this account became popular was because Talon began using a yeahbot script created by PF2M. Talon also made two minor changes to his Mii which included making his eyes green, and changing the mouth on his Mii. This account was also when Talon decided to stop posting rants about Nintendo, and instead start posting jokes about stuff he doesn't like.


Talon has claimed to survive two Wii U console bans, a 3DS console ban, and many other permanent bans and two week bans. Talon has been banned so much, that he often makes jokes about it on [[1]]. After his second console ban on the Wii U, Talon bought a 2DS and hacked it. He used the SecureInfo_A exploit to be unbannable on Miiverse. Soon, Talon received a hyperban on the 2DS for making over 50+ GodMii accounts. Since he had a warranty on it, he traded it in for a new one.


An MM57 is what Talon did on October 29, 2016 to get banned, because his profile comment was deleted by the admins. He went on a real rampage. He swore, and even used racist words. After about 15 minutes of posting horrible things, he got banned. Now that is the best way to get banned on Miiverse.


Talon is known for giving an insane amount of yeahs on Miiverse. He accomplishes this by using his own version of a Yeahbot that he named "The Scrolling Yeahbot". The Yeahbot can scroll down on any Miiverse page extremely fast and yeah many posts. He runs this bot in multiple browser windows, therefore it yeahs posts extremely fast. So fast, that he claims that he can yeah 1M posts in one day if he left it on constantly.

Lots of people block Talon for using the Yeahbot due to it spamming their notifications so much. He doesn't do this on purpose; it's just a side-effect of using the script due to it affecting other user's yeah lists. Talon also claims that he's trying to "beat Paden's yeah record", but it's very hard for him to do since he gets banned so quick.

On YouTube

Talon currently has a YouTube channel called Talon Smart (Miiverse). He created the channel in February of 2015 and posted his first video. His first video was disliked by many because Talon promised a video better than Giga Gamby but instead gave a really terrible Miiverse video made in Windows Movie Maker. Talon blamed this on the fact that his Vegas Pro license wasn't working properly and he didn't have all that much experience with video editing. Since then, his videos have gotten much better and look almost professional at this point.

Miiverse Nonsense

Miiverse Nonsense is the main series on Talon's YouTube channel. Miiverse Nonsense is Talon's own version of Worst Posts on Miiverse created by Giga Gamby. He claims that he's created the series not because he wants to be a complete ripoff of Giga Gamby, but rather because he was disappointed that Worst Posts on Miiverse ended and he wanted to make his own version of it for people who were disappointed as well.




Talon uses the SecureInfo_A exploit to make himself unbannable (sort of). Talon uses this to create GodMii accounts and unofficial Public Miis.

Arian's Hacks

On New Years Eve of 2016, Talon followed the tutorial Arian made and got access to Wii U Miiverse via PC. He raids constantly, and sometimes even posts hentai and spam to Miiverse. His most recent raid involved a troll fight between a fake PF2M (Wood Man), Zeast, and himself. Currently, Talon is hyperbanned, and is looking for a way to get back on Miiverse.


Talon is a hacker on Amino, and he hacks often. Surprisingly, the hacking he does on Amino is very similar to the hacking he does on Miiverse.

Removing Bans

Since he has a rooted Android (with Cyanogenmod 13), Talon uses root apps to change his phone's serial number, which makes him unbannable from Amino. This is very similar to the SecureInfo_A exploit for Miiverse, but he can't get a hyperban for using this method too many times.

Making other users unbannable

Talon can make other users unbannable on Amino. However, the only user he's done this for is Joey Bacala. The only problem with this is that other user's accounts can still get disabled if they raid or do anything bad with the account. The account disabling can be bypassed using accounts made by Talon, so the user using the hack have to trust him to make the accounts.

Backwards Notifs

Similar to backwards notifications on Miiverse, Talon can give other users Backwards notifications by putting the right-to-left override character in his Amino name.

Amino APK hacks

Talon has decompiled the Amino apk many times to attempt to mess around with the APK files and recompile hacked versions of Amino. Currently, he was successful at doing so, but he keeps getting an error preventing him from using his recompiled APKs on the website. He is working on bypassing this error.

Here are some of the things he might be able to do if he could sign in on the recompiled Amino APK:

  • Modify anything in the APK (Such as banners, buttons, and backgrounds)
  • Post custom profile emojis
  • Could change the method of banning on his APK and make himself impossible to ban
  • Post to the Amino announcements (If he could redirect the post forum to the announcements)


On Miiverse

"I'm not here to troll, I'm here to stop the ones that have been trolling us all along... Nintendo!"

"I'm gonna go on the Internet and state my opini- ...aaannnd here comes the flame war."

"Miiverse. The only thing duct tape can't fix"


"Don't mind me, I'm just gonna get some hardcore gaming done on my TI 84 calculator"

"I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me"

"The Sonic franchise is like a cow, it gets milked way too often"


"As every day goes by, I hope more and more that Sony just cancels The Emoji Movie and says that it was all one big joke. Like, what's next after this? Bee Movie 2, The Nutshack Movie, another piece of rubbish from Adam Sandler? I honestly don't know how it could get much worse than this movie."

"OK guys, I wanted to clear up something that people have been bugging me about. The difference between a micro-hyperban and a NNID blocks is as follows: NNID block: When Nintendo makes it so you can no longer access your NNID. But you can make a new one without hacking. Micro Hyperban: When Nintendo gives you a NNID block that affects your serial number. If an account gets micro-hyperbanned, you won't be able to make more NNIDs without using the SecureInfo_a exploit. Sorry about this random post, but so many people have been asking me about this and getting them confused."

"Fallout 4 has prepared us for 11/8"

"Back in my day, whenever you got banned from Miiverse, you could go and make as many alts as you want until you got a console ban. Nowadays, we have to use SecureInfo_A and just pray to Harambe that we don't get a hyperban."

Miiverse hacks he's created


  • MiiCreate: A website that puts an end to Miiverse bans. Currently, Talon is hyperbanned, so it's been temporarily shut down.
  • GodMii: An extremely immature Miiverse profile that does nothing but swear in the most crude and foul way possible
  • The Scrolling Yeahbot: An iMacros script that scrolls down on any Miiverse page and yeahs all of the posts on it very quickly. Arian K. was the first known person to make a Yeah Script that scrolls, but Talon simplified it into one script, and made it more available to the public.
  • FreeMii: Talon's own version of Public Mii. Very rare and in most cases, he just makes normal Public Miis.
  • CleverMii: A Miiverse account that creates posts using Cleverbot. But since it all had to be done manually, there has been only 1 CleverMii account, and Talon won't make another one due to PF2M making a much better account bot.
  • Public God: A Public Mii that allows other users to post custom images to Miiverse. It works by giving users a set of custom images added using Arian's hacks. Adding them with the NSLUC ParamPack enables a button on PC Miiverse that lets people add custom images to their posts.


  • YeahMii: Cancelled due to The Scrolling Yeahbot being much more powerful and effective
  • Followbot: Cancelled due to PF2M making a followbot before he did.


  • MiiBackup: A service used for getting full backups of Miiverse accounts that are viewable online. It'll work through Tutanota, the same way MiiCreate worked.
  • Miiverse - The Video Game: A point-and-click RPG about Miiverse.
  • Yourverse: An upcoming Miiverse clone that's similar but very different to Grape and Openverse. In Yourverse, people will be allowed to make their own communities, announcements, and customizations. It'll be very similar to 8chan.
  • Markov Mii: The successor to CleverMii. Uses PF2M's markov post generator script to create Miiverse posts and a post script to post what's been generated. (Script probably will not be released)

Friends / Foes


  • Joey Bacala (My sidekick in Miiverse Nonsense. He also helped me with YouTube videos. He's the only person with permission to video chat with me on Hangouts)
  • PF2M (Without PF2M, I would've probably never became a Miiverse hacker. The whole idea to get a 2ds and hack it in the first place was because of hearing about PF2M)
  • Wood Man
  • Andrew P.
  • Marshall Gervais Martel
  • Let's Get Along,
  • Misha Mii
  • Yay Yay
  • PopularLevels
  • And many more


  • Arian Kordi (I used to be friends with him but then we had disagreements on things. There's a whole story on this, but I won't post it here. I wouldn't consider Arian a foe)
  • Zeast (I was a bit harsh on him. After Memepocalypse 2016, I went to Zeast's YouTube channel and asked him if he wanted an alt. He responded with yes, and I completely forgot about it. Then he contacts me on Discord asking for alts, I ask him about some Miiverse hacks, and he responds very vaguely and lies to me so he would get alts from me.)


  • Tutikaz + Net (For spamming gore in the Miiverse Amino and for possibly DDoSing Wood Man)
  • Tammy (For being mean to Joey, and for just being an annoying attention-seeker to everyone else)


  • Video Editing (uses Vegas Pro 14)
  • HTML + CSS (and some JavaScript but not much)
  • Creating Video Games in Game Maker + Super Mario Bros X


  • He was originally gonna start a YouTube channel in September of 2013 called NintendoTalon. He only made 3 videos on it until the entire thing was eventually scrapped due to the limited tools available to him at the time.
  • His best friend is Joey Bacala.
  • There are many impostors of Talon on Miiverse, and they're usually made when Talon gets banned.
  • He is a Republican
  • Ever since the invention of his Scrolling Yeahbot script, he eventually stopped slowly yeahing posts and started spamming yeahs by insane amounts. His record for the amount of posts he's yeahed is over 500k on his 2dsTalonX7 account.
  • Talon's Yeahbot runs on an old Dell Inspiron laptop running Lubuntu Linux in the Chromium browser.
  • He's a big fan of Arian and PF2M.
  • He likes DramaAlert, even though he's made jokes about it on Miiverse.
  • Talon is a huge fan of Dragon Ball, and has put a couple ideas from it into his Miiverse profiles + Miiverse Nonsense.