The Bard
343v95rb9wzj5 normal face
The Bard's Mii.
Nintendo Network ID(s) The_Bard_REBIRTH
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Beginner
Systems Owned Wii U

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family

Favorite Game Genres Action, Adventure, Fighting

The Bard is a Miiverse user famous among the Smashers (although relatively unknown to the rest of Miiverse) for popularizing a phenomenon known as Miiverse After Dark, in which, after 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, he and other users would draw often sexually suggestive drawings, possibly in an attempt to protest the Miiverse Administration's actions towards users. The Bard has been console-banned a total of four times.

The Bard had plans to develop a video game for a Nintendo console in order to become a verified user, therefore making him immune to bans. However, as shown more recently with the deletion of verified user Jordan's post, verified users are not immune to admin notifications.