Miiverse tom 2
Nintendo Network ID(s) NintendoTom
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country Unknown
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Intermediate
Systems Owned Wii U, System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Favorite Game Genres Adventure, Racing, RPG

Tom's favorite post

His favorite post.

Tom is a verified user who works at Nintendo of America and controls North American Miiverse activity. He often posts many Miiverse announcements for North American users about Miiverse news along with Amy. He currently has more than 75,000 followers.


  • Some users think he is the leader of the Miiverse Administration, although this has not been confirmed or denied.
  • His real life identity is unknown.
  • It's worth noting that when asking for Miiverse help over Nintendo's support hotline, there is a guy you can talk to named "Tom". He has also claimed that he is the only "Tom" there. Could this be the same Tom that posts in the Miiverse announcements?