Verified Users are special users who are in charge of Miiverse. Some of them are Nintendo officials and some of them are developers for Wii U or 3DS titles.

Verified Users are special types of users. They are either in charge of Miiverse, Nintendo officials, or are the makers of any Wii U or 3DS games. They usually announce Miiverse updates, post things about their game, or talk about upcoming events/games. The users who are the most notable are Amy and Tom, they are often referred to be a duo. Verified users such as Erika are often attacked for updates that are not liked. However, they are usually not responsible for said updates.


Here's a list of all things a verified user can do that normal Miiverse users cannot.

  • Create multi-language posts
  • Take screenshots and post YouTube videos
  • They have no post limit (it remains at 30)
  • Can have multiple open discussions
  • They can be banned, but cannot be reported
  • They have a green check mark in the top left corner of their Mii.


  • The most notable verified users are Tom and Amy. They're often believed to be duos.
  • Some developer verified users can be very unprofessional at times.