Nintendo Network ID(s) wasaKing14 IWasaKingYouKnow
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country Australia
Birthday 09/16
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Favorite Game Genres Action/Fighting/Shooter

Wasaking's favorite post

His favorite post.

Wa$aKing14 is a semi-popular user on Miiverse. His main is Perma-banned so he flipped out an alt on his New 3DS. He is an off-topic poster who usually stays in the Wii Fit U Community. He's also an artist who mainly draws Wario. And speaking of Wario, Wa$a loves Wario. His most famous quotes are about him getting a Wario amiibo and how he hopes MarioTehPlumber doesn't pre-order all of them (Like how he did that to Rosalina & Luma amiibos). He will threaten people about getting a Wario amiibo. His Wario drawings are one of his most popular.

You can also see his Miiverse account here.