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The Wii Fit U Community was made for the release of Wii Fit U, which came out Oct. 31, 2013. It features multiple communities for the game such as Developer Room and different skill level Wii Fit U communities. The Smashers moved to this community on December 24th, 2014 to avoid both the Hylians and the new users that received Nintendo consoles as Christmas gifts. The community allows anyone to post in the 'All Posts' section even if the user does not own the game. This feature is what caused the Smashers to relocate. Initially, it was Rosaline's idea to move to this community because of the war between the smashers and Hylians.


This community has been the birthplace of many short-lived memes, ranging from "my name in the comments," to "little einsteins." if you come once a week, you will se that an entirely different meme has started.