Miiverse Yeah! Button

A yeah is Miiverse's equivalent of a "Like". When a user discovers a post they like or agree with, they often press the yeah button.


Yeahbombing (also known as "yeah spaming" or "yeah giving" is where a user on Miiverse yeahs many posts at once. This is usually done by scrolling down a community or profile and pressing the yeah button on every post they can. Yeahbombing is usually done to gain followers or to annoy other users. Yeahbombing is most common in off-topic communities such as the YouTube community or the New Super Luigi U Community.


Yeahbots are scripts that can yeah a non-human amount of posts in a very short amount of time. They're almost always programmed in JavaScript.

The original Yeahbot[]

The original yeahbot (not an official name) is the most popular yeahbot script. It was created by PF2M and was posted to LMR on May 29, 2016.

Universal Yeahbots[]

The universal yeahbots (Yeahbot Universal, The Scrolling Yeahbot Universal) were yeahbots programmed by Eric D. (Wood Man) and cleanup up by Talon Smart (Miiverse). The goal of these yeahbots were to remove the use of other tools to make the yeahbot scroll down a page and to patch some bugs in PF2M's yeahbot script.

There are many more yeahbot scripts for Miiverse. You can find a lot of them on GitHub.


  • The "Yeah" button changes depending on the poster's expression.
    • When the poster's expression is normal or happy, the button is "Yeah!" When it's winking it's "Yeah♥". When it's angry or sad it's "Yeah...". When it's shocked it's "Yeah!?
  • There used to be a glitch that made the yeah button read "olv.portal.miitoo" when some code was modified in Inspect Element. This has since been patched and the reason it says "olv.portal.miitoo" was because that's the yeahbot's name in Miiverse's API.
  • A low quality image of the “Yeah!” button has made a resurgence on Twitter/X after likes were privated, leading many to reply to tweets/posts with the image to show that they liked it.